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The Experienced Neurofeedback Specialists at Temecula Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback for Optimized Brain Function

Deanne Allen-Williams PsyDc

Deanne Allen-Williams, PsyDc is the Owner and President of Temecula Neurofeedback LLC, which she started in 2015. She is Temecula Neurofeedback’s Chief practitioner, trained and certified in two forms of microcurrent neurofeedback systems. Over the years, Deanne has helped thousands of people achieve the wellness they were hoping for with neurofeedback, many of whom did not have success with the psychotherapy, pharmaceutical, or medical routes. Deanne understands the intricacies of psychological and physical issues that people face including trauma, OCD, PTSD, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, TBI, substance abuse, pain, grief, and more. Deanne is nearing completion of her doctorate in psychology and is a PsyD candidate, having completed more than twenty doctoral psychology courses, passing the program’s comprehensive exam, and now working on her doctoral thesis on the benefits of neurofeedback. Deanne also has a certificate for Substance Use counseling. She has a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz and a M.A. from U.S.C. Deanne has the compassion and empathy needed to gently and effectively support those who are in the greatest need of help. Having perfected her neurofeedback practice over the years, Deanne has fine-tuned the effectiveness of the sessions she gives to her clients. Not many neurofeedback practitioners have the skill level that she possesses, which only comes with years of experience, of which Deanne has many. She looks forward to hearing from you to helping you achieve the results you’re hoping for, for your greatest life challenges.


Neurofeedback for Optimized Brain Function

Bennett Williams R.T.(CT)(R)(ARRT)

Bennett Williams is the Administrative Director and Associate Neurofeedback Practitioner at Temecula Neurofeedback. He is a licensed educator and an ARRT licensed Radiologic Technologist with over 23 years of clinical healthcare experience in Radiology with additional training and certification in Neurofeedback. Bennett holds the following degrees: 

The amalgam of Bennett’s Radiology healthcare experience with his Neurofeedback certification brings an added dimension to Temecula Neurofeedback. Patients find him to be a personable and relatable individual who is able to help patients navigate their healing journey through Neurofeedback while providing a compassionate and listening ear.



Neurofeedback for Optimized Brain Function

Jennifer Fox-Armstrong Dipl.OM, L.Ac

Jennifer Fox-Armstrong is an Associate Neurofeedback Practitioner at Temecula Neurofeedback, as well as the owner and acupuncture provider at Alchemy Acupuncture. After graduating from UCLA with a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Spanish Literature,  Jennifer felt there was something more scintillating and animate, that gives life to all  biological creatures that her degree in chemistry couldn’t explain. On her quest for this  missing piece she felt was holding the ‘spark of life’, she found acupuncture first as a  patient. After graduating Summa cum Laude from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica in  2007, it became her passion to connect the science of the mind and body to the “spirit”  or “spark” within the biology and share that with clients so they understand their body as  well as their pathology better. She has a deep understanding of how trauma affects the  body to become ‘dis-ease’. This experience of treating trauma with acupuncture  blended with her background in physics and chemistry, brings a unique perspective to  the use of Neurofeedback to help clients regain regulation of their nervous system to aid  them on their journey back to healthy states of calm. Understanding how the brain can  become disregulated, leading to things like anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc as well as  knowing why certain areas of the scalp are chosen for use in Neurofeedback is what makes Jennifer a great addition here at Temecula Neurofeedback.